2. Building

2.1 Building

Basic Measurements
Mass of your car600g
Mass of each wheel13g
Axle Diameter0.95cm
Length of String28.5cm
Approx. Number of Wraps of String6.5
Length of lever extension15.7cm
Overall Length34.5cm
Overall Width13.8cm
Overall Height12.2cm

2.2 Detailed Dimensions of the car (Google Sketchup)

2.3 Photograph of the car

2.3.1 Back View

 2.3.2 Top View

2.3.3 Bottom Views (with egg & without egg)

2.3.4 Diagonal View

2.3.5 Front View

2.3.6 Side View 1 (With egg & without egg)

 2.3.7 Side View 2 (With egg & without egg)

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